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  • Stéphanie Fontugne

Why can't big companies scale up innovation?

Most large companies now have some kind of innovation lab or open innovation programme, but the results of these are patchy at best. In many cases, a promising collaboration with a startup just peters out after the proof of concept.

“Despite increased access to innovation, we saw that few companies were getting the benefit of it. There was an inability to apply it, to consume it and grow it. Too many projects were still stopping at the proof of concept stage,” says Lanny Cohen, chief innovation officer at Capgemini, the French consulting firm which conducted a study into the problem.

“Sometimes that was because there was a problem with the model or a change of leadership. But often it was just that the project lost momentum. We were curious about why that happens,” he says.

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Photo Daria Depriakina for Unsplash

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