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The interview of the Week: Benoît Legrand, Chief Innovation Officer at ING.

Benoît Legrand, Chief Innovation Officer of ING and CEO of ING Ventures, began his career as an investment banker at Bank Bruxelles Lambert in 1994, before it became ING Belgium.

After founding his own start-up company in retail distribution, he rejoined the group a few years later, holding positions in investment banking and in retail and private banking covering diverse areas such as marketing, sales, branch distribution and product management in Belgium, Singapore, Poland, the Netherlands and France.

In this interview, Benoît Legrand talks about innovation and how ING is dealing with innovation alongside the development of its current business.

Client, Culture and ecosystem Connection are the 3 pillars of the innovation process within the bank. A passionating interview to enjoy here.

Benoit Legrand, Chief Innovation Officer @ING

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