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Swiss startups attract prominent leaders to their board of directors.

Some of Switzerland’s renowned entrepreneurs and industry experts have taken on new roles in Swiss startups. Pascal Koenig co-founder of Ava Women has joined the Scailyte’s Board of directors while Former SAP and Hewlett-Packard CEO Léo Apotheker took his seat in Appway.

Scailyte uses single-cell technologies and AI to discover biomarkers for diseases in oncology and immunology. The company’s proprietary single-cell data analysis platform, ScaiVision delivers best-in-class performance for supervised pattern recognition analysis of single-cell data.

The startup has appointed Pascal Koenig to its Board of directors. Koenig is the co-founder of Ava women, a fast-growing health-tech startup offering a digital fertility-tracking solution to women attempting to conceive.

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