Women on the rise but still rare

Although the Swiss start-up scene still has only a few female bosses, an analysis by startupticker.ch shows that at least their numbers are now increasing strongly. Women at the top of start-ups are still rare. This applies worldwide; for example, a study by the US consulting firm Peter S. Cohan & Associates showed that only about 2% of all unicorns in the US have a female CEO. In order to shed more light on the situation in Switzerland, startupticker has created a map of start-ups run by women. In addition, we examined how much is invested in these start-ups, based on the Swiss Venture Capital Report. The updated map identifies more than 100 start-ups run by a female CEO. The most striking

Money, money, money must be funny!

Could have our four passionate speakers written Abba’s famous song? During almost two hours, our four compelling investors and entrepreneurs, Diego Braguglia: Managing Partner of VI partners Amin Shokrollahi: founder and CEO of Kandou Bus Patrick Thiébaud: founder and CEO of Wealthings Horizon Andreas Schollin-Borg: co-founder and CEO of Batmaid and Gotham shared their insider tips and their practical experiences on financing. They answered both the moderators and the audience's burning questions, and also shared their successes and mistakes to bring actionable solutions to facilitate financings. Many of you attended the event FINANCE YOUR BUSINESS that we organized with Fidag and the suppor